Lights turning on by themselves - without a trigger/automation

I’ve looked through my entire config and can’t any reference to this event, but for some reason all the lights in my group.livingroomlights turn on at 17:00. I used to have an automation triggering this but since I installed a binary motion door sensor I have removed the time triggered automation.

The only reference I have to “17:00” is this one:

- alias: TV Turned On - Dim Living Room Lights
    platform: state
    entity_id: media_player.samsung_smart_tv
    to: 'on'
    from: 'off'
    condition: time
    # At least one of the following is required.
    after: '17:00:00'
    before: '02:00:00'
    service: scene.turn_on
    entity_id: scene.livingroom_lights_dimmed

I use this to automatically dim my living room lights when I turn on the TV, but the TV has been off the entire day (double checked in History to make sure it doesn’t turn on for some reason).

Any ideas who I can troubleshoot this problem and identify what’s causing my lights to turn on?

What type of bulbs are they?

Things to eliminate

  • if Zwave, do you have an association outside homeassistant
  • if another type, do you have anything set up on their software
  • could your sd card be on it’s way out
  • clear the database
  • grep your configuration for ‘group.living_room_lights’ and all its children in case 5pm is coincidental

3x IKEA Tradfri lights
2x TP-Link switches

  • Nothing set up on the software side with either IKEA Tradfri or the TP-Link Switches. They’re all part of a HA group and they all turn on at the same time indicating the issue is with HA
  • How do I clear the database?

Stop homeassistant, delete the database file, start homeassistant.

This might be a stupid question – but if I stop HA, how do I access the files to delete the database file? Or do I have to take the SD card out and delete the file via a different device?

How do you connect with the system files. SSH, Samba?

I used Samba. Will that still be accessible if I turn off HA?

Yeah, stop homeassistant, delete the database file via the Samba share and start homeassistant again :+1:

Thank you! That’s done. Will see if the lights go on at 5pm tomorrow as well.

I have a Zwave bulb that always turns on if the electric “blinks”. I am sure you have already considered this. Just throwing it out there

Just an information might be that tradifri tries making updates at tis time.i had similar issue with hue.disappeared without any reason

Update: it’s working now. Tradfri wasn’t the problem but my TP-Link switches which has an old schedule on the software end that had turned on for some reason when I updated the app.