Lights with mechanical switches in the power cord. How to make them smart?

I have some lights which have switches in the middle of the power cord. Some are classic light bulbs (need to replace with LEDs obviously soon), some are LED already. Power draw is low, at least below 100W for the still running on light bulbs, much lower for light bulbs.

I would like to make the switches smart, but I don’t want to use switch plugs to automate the lights, as for sure somebody would use the original switch and render the switch plug useless. I am looking for a replacement solution.

ESP8266 ESP-01 with ESPHome would be preferred, as it is really small. As far as I understand, a single MOSFET as switch triggered by the ESP should be enough to switch the light. An additional momentary switch connected to the ESP would be great, to be able to still switch it manually. Obviously also a AC 240V to DC 3.3V would be necessary.

Is there any ready made solution for this available? I can’t be the first one wanting to solve this issue…

Thanks for your input!

Someone had the same question recently:

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