In-line cord smart switch?

Does anyone know of any smart in-line cord switches, that can be used for side lights?
I would like them to have a button so they can be switches on manually, or via smart tech, wifi or ideally Zigbee.

A bit like the type below but smart

Would be a really useful device. I know I can do it with smart plugs, but not as nice a user experience.


You can add a Shelly 1 or 1Pm in these

Not quite the same size but a sonoff basic is a wifi smart switch which works in-line.

I use various of the all running esphome.

Thats a solution, thanks,

Not sure I would want that just hganging out in the wire. I feel they should be tucked away.

Did you maybe confuse it with another device? It’s essentially th same thing (admittedly not as nice looking).

I also have a couple running ESPHome as well.

Like @brooksben11 said it is essentially the same type of device with the same brains (esp). I expect the volume also to be around the same - the Shelly button hosts a Shelly relay. Still the later looks probably better and has a nicer form for the task, bad thing only it is sold out.

Using the same solution here, also added a rotary encoder to it for dimming using device group (bulb is running on tasmota)