Lightwave Generation 2 component


I’ve been building a component to control LightwaveRF devices using the second generation “Link Plus” hub. This should control both gen 1 and gen 2 devices, but only with the newer hub.

It’s working for me, but I’d be grateful if others can give it a try and give me any feedback.



Fantastic, thanks so much - been waiting for this. Works perfectly for me.

Cool. I’ve just released a minor update, the connection was dropping after a while - this should be more stable now.

Let me know if you get any errors when running it for a long time.

Once you’re comfortable with it, it’d be awesome to see this as an official component.

Yes, I saw the same issue - trying your update now.

Seems super stable now. Nice one.


I have installed this and have a problem. I have an L22 two gang switch, which appears in the Lightwaverf2 app as two distinctly controllable switches. However in HA, it is appearing as a single switch. In the LW app, I have created two separate rooms (in two separate zones) and placed one of the gangs in one room and the other gang in the second room. I still have only one switch being picked up by HA.

In your development efforts did you look at multiple gang switches?



Hi Mike,

No, I don’t have any multi gang switches/lights.

I’ve looked a bit more at the protocol and I think I know what’s going on, but it’s hard for me to test without any switches of my own. If you could provide the relevant lines from your home-assistant.log file I can have a go at fixing.

You’ll need the latest version of the custom component that I’ve just pushed to github, and you’ll need to set the logging level for the lightwave2 component to debug (add the following lines to your configuration.yaml):

  default: warning
    lightwave2.lightwave2: debug

I only need the log output up (and including) the section where has the lines “Adding device”

Hi all, I’ve pushed an updated version. This has been tested with a 2 gang light by a friendly helper on the internet.

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Thanks for making this, I may soon try it out. However, I’ve not yet bought my lightwave kit and I’m a little put off by the need to connect via their cloud having tried quite hard to keep control local for reliability. Do you have any idea if local control will ever be possible? LWRF has possibly the most expensive hub i’ve seen for such a narrow focused product range, but the switches look really nice! (alternative product suggestions would be awesome if anyone knows of a different dimmer that comes in brushed steel in the uk)

No idea. Their website has being saying for a long time that an API will be published, but no mention if it’s local control, and they don’t seem to be making much progress with actually publishing something.

Thanks for the update.

I apologise for not helping out (I was away skiing Yeha !) and big thanks to whomever helped you out.

I can also confirm that the new code works for a two gang L22 Gen 2 Switch!

Great, thanks for testing Mike.

I’ve just pushed another version that should improve responsiveness.

As always, feel free to try the new version and see if there are any bugs. Probably worth keeping a backup of a known working version.

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the noob questions. Should this work in
I didn’t have a custom_components directory under config, so I created one and copied the files.
Also, should the username and password be from my Lightwave login?

If anyone could give a few step-by-steps, that would be awesome.

Thanks guys. All help much appreciated.

Yes for the username and password (should be what you would use in the lightwave app).

I’ve never used You might be better off starting a new thread asking how to use a custom component there (or you might get lucky with someone reading this thread!).

Any luck getting it setup?

Yes, its working a treat! Although to be honest, I tried so many different things, I’m not sure what specifically caused it to work, sorry.
It’s taking me a while to get my head around the way Hass.IO likes to do things, but I’m getting there. I have an Aeotec Multisensor running through a Z Stick; detecting motion and activating the Lightwave relay.
I’m just stuck on trying to understand Bit Masks, etc, whilst enabling threshold reporting on the multisensor!

Yeah got it working as well. Works really well.

Would love to see this become the new official component.

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Worth pointing out that the lightwave gen 2 api just got release

Might be worth integrating into this component since it already works well.

Thank you so much for all your contributions in getting this working. I am new to HA and have been steadily learning and growing my system over the past 2/3 weeks. I have loaded your custom components and it works.

With the new HA update 0.88 it now has a new structure for the custom components where it wants to be [/lightwave2/] [/lightwave2/] and so on. I have tried moving the files around into the folder and file structure that they outline but I can’t make it work. Any chance you could help me out by explaining what I need to do or release an update that I can pull from here?