Lightwave RF commands

I have made all the settings to create a receiver and transmitter system but apparently there is something wrong.

I can capture different messages coming out and repeat them but nothing is working.

I digged up this library which I used ages ago to sniff the traffic and re-transmitt the data: GitHub - roberttidey/LightwaveRF: Arduino Libraries for LightwaveRF 433MHz rx and tx , I can get a clear command in HEX about turning on:
18:42:04.593 -> 595 0 0 1 1 F 3 D 9 8 8
and I can get it converted into binary:

Based on the library, I can see there is pulse of 140us which I set

  - platform: template
    name: "Dinner light on"
        code: '00111111111101100110001000'
          inverted: false
          pulse_length: 140
          times: 10
          wait_time: 0ms

But nothing is happening and not even the receiver on my arduino I can see this message coming out.

Maybe my transmitter is faulty but I run RadioHead library to send hello world and I could send an receive fine.

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I’ve attempted this before to no avail, would be interested to see if anyone has a solution. Someone suggested sending rf_raw commands but I don’t really know how that would work.