Lightwave RF Gen 2 dimmer switches VS Aeotec Nano dimmer + Varilight switches

Right, so I live in a small apartment in Cyprus where our electrical systems include a neutral wire and our plugs and voltage are the same as in the UK. I want to replace all my dumb lights with smart dimmable ones. I have already ordered a raspberry pi and an Aeotec Z-stick for use with HA and need to narrow down my choices. I was going to go down the route of multiple Aeotec Nano dimmers + Varilight grid rocker switches and faceplates and then it occured to me that it would cost roughly the same to go for the equivalent amount of Lightwave RF Gen 2 switches which I imagine should be simpler to install. The only extra expense would be the Lightwave RF hub that is now apparently needed to control Gen 2 devices, even though I don’t really understand why. Bearing all that in mind, what would be your solution of choice? Cheers!