Lightwave RF Gen1 Entity Control

Hi all! I have a Lightwave Gen1 setup in my home. I have managed to use the integration to get all the devices set up and store scenes.
My question is is there a way to always send the various levels and on/off status to the devices even if they are shown as ON in the HA dashboard. What I’m finding is if I turn a device on in HA but then turn it off locally at the wall switch (Gen1 isn’t 2way communication) it then doesn’t come back on when a scene is triggered as HA thinks it’s still on. Can it ignore the status and always send the command regardless somehow?

Any help much appreciated!


I was looking for a similar thing. I don’t think it’s possible … sadly. it stores it only if the on/off was sent from HA, otherwise it assumes it’s in the last known state (for me usually off).

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