Lightwave rf - HA compatibility without hub?


Is lightwaverf smart switch compatible with HA itself without having a hub?

I am reading that lightwave smart switch can only connect to the hub, but I don’t know if it’s totally true… have anybody integrated the switch with HA directly?


if you don’t use the LWRF Hub, you’ll need another device to connect to the switches.
I personally use an RFXTrx433 which works well.

Thanks. Yeah, I was wondering in HA would be able to act as a hub here

for HA to act as a hub, you need a device with that type of radio (433MHz).
RFXTrx is one of them, there are a few others depending on your setup. I find RFXTrx works well for me I have several LWRF Wall switches, smart sockets, and a remote. I also have a few hygro sensors and a couple of alarm sirens, and a couple of door sensors…

This is quite exciting. I have a bunch of LWRF dimmers, and I like the engineering, but I hate the response time for turning them on and off, and that they don’t work when my internet is out. And one fewer hubs is always nice!

Are there any more details anywhere on how to set this up, what the signals are that Lightwave switches need, etc?

You have a few options. As above, you can use an RFXTrx hub, or you can go for an RFLink, if you have a raspberry Pi, you can try the Pi RF or a broadlink
I’m sure I’m forgetting some.
Each page has set up instructions to get you going.

Ah, interesting, and I see there how to learn codes.

It would be tricky by this method to set a specific dimmer level, I guess? You’d have to learn a specific RF command for each level?

Ah I see, you can set up as lights within the RFXtrx integration but broadlink only supports on/off switches.

no, once connected to HA by its ID it can be controlled and dimmed.
I have several light switch dimmers and they all work well. My only issue is that they’re a 1 way comms only, you can send commands but you can’t get their status (unless they’re the V2 type, working on 868MHz which I don’t have)

I have this working using an RFXtrx422XL. I wanted to add a new LightwaveRF connect dimmer switch and found out that my LW930 link has died. Do I need to pair the dimmer switch with the RFXtrx422XL before I can use it? If so, how?

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere - I read most of the threads and couldn’t see it referenced anywhere.

Thank you


Don’t know if this helps, but when the original LightwaveRF switches came out there was a handheld remote control which could be paired with up to 16 of them (the JSJSLW100WH). No longer available of course, but there are still a few on Ebay for about £10.

I got one of these and paired it with each of my Connect series switches, then used it to teach the codes to a Broadlink RM4 Pro universal remote. Works very well and allows them to be controlled directly from HA without the LW930. None of my switches are dimmers, though.

Thanks - I’ll take a look for one.

I now own a LW100 thank you and repairing worked along with the device being added (again) to my devices/entities via the RFXtrx422XL. One side affect I’ve noticed is that I still have the old instantiation of these and I can’t seem to be able to delete them. Anyone advise as to how I should go about this?

Many thanks


Settings > Integrations > Configure (on RFX Integration) > Select device to delete
should do the trick :wink:

Perfect thanks - I hadn’t tried at that level :slight_smile: