Lightwaverf Gen1 - Using Two Links

I have two Lightwaverf Link units. I’ve successfully added one to HA but can’t add the second. When I add it to the YAML config it seems to remove the first Link entities and uses the second Link entities only. Both Links have different IP addresses.

Any idea if this is possible?

Can’t help you with your question I’m afraid Andy but I would be interested to find out how you added your LW Link to HA if possible please?

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Hi Glyn,

No problem but bear in mind I’m a complete newbie to this so I’m thrashing around in the dark at the minute trying to get things to work.
I followed the guidance here:
LightwaveRF Gen1

Basically add the config in the above to your configuration.yaml file and adjust the parameters for rooms and devices along with the correct IP address of your Link. You can obviously change the names of the devices to suit your own setup.
The devices are identified by the RxDx identity where R is the room (starting at 1) and D is a device in that room (again starting at 1) - x is the variable representing the room number and device number. It can be difficult to identify what room number and device number goes with each device you have. The first room you add to the Link is room 1, the first device you then pair is 1 and it increments from there. I have a spreadsheet of all my devices with the room numbers and device numbers. If you don’t know which is which the only way, I think, is to experiment. Add R1D1 to the HA config and then try switching that device on/off.
Don’t forget you need to register the HA instance to your Link. I did this by simply switching a device within HA and then pressing the link button on the Link. This then registered the HA instance and everything worked from there. You only need to register the HA once, not with every device connected to your Link - sorry if that’s obvious!

Hope the above helps but please ask if you get stuck and I’ll do my best to help.

Seems like nobody knows how to add two Links though :frowning_face:

Well Andy I finally spent some time on it yesterday and got it sorted!

Basically it was as you said but I used Wireshark and filtered by the Link IP Address and was able to see the structure of the commands it sent including the important Room/Device.

Full explanation here for anyone who stumbles across this thread in the future;

Lightwave configuration - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

Just glad I don’t have two Links…good luck! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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