LightWaveRF V1 Sockets - Retain On/Off Status

I’m very much starting out on my Home Assistant journey. I installed HA Core as a docker image on a Raspberry Pi4 running Ubuntu Server 20.04LTS (64bit). So far it’s going well, and I’ve succesfully integrated:

  • A LightwaveRF Link V1 (with 5 dual sockets)
  • My Virgin Media hub
  • SolarEdge
  • MyEnergi Zappi (EV charger)

I can control all 10 Lightwave socket devices, but have I noticed the displayed state returns to off on the dashboard when I restart the server. I understand that they do not advertise their state so it isn’t possible to detect it, but is there a way to make Home Assistant store the state the toggles were in persistently?

I’ve got various lightwave devices, and have not found a way to achieve this.

Thanks for the reply. I had another idea but not sure how to proceed with it.

Most of the devices that are plugged into the switches can in some way be monitored by Home Assistant. Is it be possible to use the state devices as a sensor to determine state of the switch they are plugged into?

Not “SOLVED”, but I needed to upgrade to a Link Plus (I want to add some relays, and the Connect Series isn’t available any more).

The Link Plus seems to retain information about the last state the devices were in (even the V1 Connect Series devices which are one-way only).

I’d be interested to hear about your experiences with the Link Plus. I am not planning to add any more Lightwave devices at the moment, but it might be worth upgrading from my current V1 Link if it really does retain information about socket/light status.

Also I’m having occasional trouble with more than one socket responding to HA commands - a V1 “feature”, apparently - does the Link Plus resolve this?