Lilygo-T-Relay S3 - Relays triggering on boot

Apologies if this is better off in the hardware section. I was hoping to find a software solution to the problem.

So I’ve got a Lilygo-T-Relay S3. All the relays trigger for about 100ms on boot. I vaguely remember hearing that most of the GPIO pins going high on boot is standard behavior on ESP’s.

I’m pretty sure these relays are controlled over SPI through a shift register so it doesn’t really make sense to me why the relays would go high on boot.

Is there any way to stop this behavior for all the relays? If unavoidable I would at least like to have the relay controlling my garage door on a pin that maybe doesn’t exhibit this behavior?


Github documentation:

Thanks heaps

edit: There seems to be discussion of this behavior here:

edit #2: Forgot to add my YAML

This guy thinks he’s solved it:

My question is, what’s
mode: OUTPUT
and how could that stop the relays triggering at boot?