Limit external access

How can i limit external access to home assistance to a specific ip address from the internet ?

and also in specific how can i limit external access to home assistance from google home ip address only ?

how do you currently get external access to your home assistant? is your setup on a local home network behind a router that is port forwarding? if so, the right place to do the blocking is done in that router. any router worth it’s price should be able to do that.

you are right but unfortunately my router does not support it . so i tought maybe this limitation can be done in HA

i haven’t seen such capability built into ha. but ya never know what ya don’t know. so maybe someone else will correct me.

quite surprising that your router doesn’t support… i presume you’re positive about that.

Strict connections are a work in progress. The feature was going to be released in this month’s update but there were problems. Maybe next month.


Thanks a lot
would be an option to choose strict access from well known provider, lets say google ?

We will have to wait and see what is released.