Limit the states of Alarm Control Panel

I want to create an Alarm Control Panel and share it to HomeKit. There is one (real) switch in my setup that functions as a hardware switch to enable and disable my alarm system. Can I have a template Alarm Control Panel mirror the status of this switch automatically or would it be better to use the manual Alarm Control Panel?

I managed to have manual Alarm Panel mirror the settings of the switch through automations. But I have the feeling this could be achieved easier.

In HomeKit I would like to have only two states:


Right now I have 4 states:


How can I disable some of these states and keep only disarmed and armed_away?


You have to add a separate template (for HomeKit) and the manual panel for your automations.

Now that I have iOS 17, HomeKit shows a Night mode on my alarm. The alarm template I publish from Home Assistant to HomeKit only publishes Home, Away and Disarmed. Anybody else seeing this?