Limitless LED assistance?

I have just setup and I have finally got the limitless LED working (RGBW) using the code snippet below.
My intent is to get this working then unbox my newly bought Google Home for some automation goodness!! :slight_smile: :nerd_face:
But I have some questions if some here may be able to help?

One: If I turn off the light in (raspberry pi) - is there a way to turn it back on at the mains?
If I try turn it on it stays off until I use phone or Pi.

Two: Using the web interface; how do I turn in from a colour back to white?

Three: This is awesome and thank all devs for their hard work!!

- platform: limitlessled
_ bridges:_
_ - host:
_ port: 8899_
_ version: 2_
_ groups:_
_ - number: 1_
_ name: Bedroom_
_ type: rgbw_

One: I don’t have my LimitlessLED lights set up at the moment, but from memory they should come back to the last colour setting when power cycled. You need to make sure you have the fade option off (default) as per the docs as this will fade the light to zero before turning it off.

Two: It’s a little finicky. You need to tap the upper right corner of the colour picker to get them to switch back to white mode. A reasonable workaround is to create a scene which sets the lights back to white at your preferred brightness and add it to your front end in a group with your lights.

Three: I concur.


Thank you very much!

Just wondering - after some coffee and googling: does this work with google home? (The retail unit)

IE: now I have the limitless LED working with RGBW - can I enable hue emulation and get this working with GH ?
I saw this works with amazon Alexa but not with google
home. It was an older Reddit link that was saying it wasn’t working (but was 8 month old post) and I didn’t get the time to keep looking-stupid work commitments :grin:

Regarding turning back on at the mains; you need to leave the light switch off for approx 3 to 4 seconds before switching back on. The circuitry in the light bulb needs a chance to discharge to cause a reboot when you power the switch back on

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I don’t have a GH or Alexa, but if GH works with Hue then there isn’t any reason it shouldn’t work with the emulated Hue component (barring bugs).