Limitless LED, older white bulb not working


I’ve connected my v6 bridge to some GU10 rgbw bulbs (x4) and a B22 Dual White using the Android app.

I have the app set to the second colour remote for the GU10s on zone 1 and the app set to first the black and white remote on zone 2 (I didn’t know at the time that the zones could be overlapped)

The Android app controls the x4 GU10s and the x1 B22 fine. However, when I come to use home assistant, only the GU10s work. I have this configuration. (Lounge is x4 GU10s, Bedroom is x1 B22)

  platform: limitlessled
    - host: <bridge IP>
      version: 6
      - number: 1
        type: rgbw
        name: lounge
      - number: 2
        type: white
        name: bedroom

Anyone have any idea what I’ve missed to make the bedroom bulb work?

Also having the same issue with my B22’s

Someone posted that white lights might not be working with v6 bridge

@gendi @jamesco

Did either of you come accross a solution for this? I’ve just added a White E27 9W bulb to my existing set-up, and adding it as type “white” means it cannot be controlled. If I add it as type “dimmer” means I can turn it on and off, but I do not have the option to control colour temp, only brightness.

It works absolutely fine from the remote and app