Limitlessled Miboxer WL-Box1

Hello to you all,

I am wondering if anybody has been able to get the new Miboxer WL-Box1 2.4GHz Gateway working with Home assistant.
I’ve tried all kinds of options given on this site “” but no luck so far.

Thank you for any information.

Try link with milight smart in google home

Have you tried to choose google under voice control in the MiBoxer app?

Hello Christian,

Thank you for your reply.
I’ve been able to link the miboxer to google home and that works file.
The thing is, I am not able to see the lights, that are running under miboxer, in Home Assistant.
I want to switch these lights with a Zigbbe switch, and therefore I need them to be present as an entity.
Any help is welcome.


Here the same issue, tried with all version and all port.

I hope will be a solutions for this new gateway :smiley:

Any luck anyone on this?? Got the box connected through Tuya, but doesn’t give you much and would prefer not being connected thru Tuya

I found out that you Can only control one Gateway as one zone - so if you have 7 rooms with bulbs you Can only control them as one Unit ```

How did you connect through Tuya?
Maybe we can connect the miboxer to tuya and tuya to Not a permanent solution but we can use the light with hass temporarily?

Tuya would be a nice termporary solution.

I got Tuya working.
Put Miboxer in pairing mode (red light flashes)
Go to Tuya app and add lighting (light wifi)
Start procedure and it will find a 2.4G gateway. (took me two times to find it)
Now you can switch and change the color of one zone.
If you have Tuya availeble in HA, you wil find the miboxer in the entities.
Good luck.

Gateway appears in Home Assistant, and Apple Home Kit, but can’t seem to change colours through Apple Home Kit… Any solutions out there?


Thank you for your help.

I did what you tell. In Tuya app, I can’t add my lights. Its automaticaly done. Its not a probleme because its in the same area for me.

But in Home Assistant, I only can turn it on or off, change intensity but can’t choose coolor, nothing apear to do that.

Can you help me please?

Hello, anyone have success with the WL-Box1? Are there better RF to WiFi bridges out there that already have HA integration? I’m planning on having multiple zones of LED strips and would be nice to control from HA as well as through physical RF remote.


anyone have any success with one of these RF Wifi Gateways?

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