LimitlessLED Milight Behavior


I’ve been running MiLight downlights for about a year or more. They’re reliable enough but have hue quirks as regular users would know. That generally doesn’t bother me too much.

When my hassio broke for a couple of days i went back to using my ipad for a bit and i noticed some differences i was wondering if someone knew why they happen?

When i turn on the light group from the ipad they just come on.
When i turn on the light group from hassio integration they come on and instantly change hue to the opposite warm to day or vice versa, like they’ve been sent the double on command.

When i use the ipad they are reasonably reliable overall with hues and operation.
When i use the hassio integration things like 1 in a 4 light group will change hue and be out of sync with the rest pretty regularly.

I thought the base logic behind these lights was almost overly simplistic, it seems like the hassio integration and the ipad are sending similar but different commands to the milight hub. As they behave differently depending on what is telling them to operate.

Could the implementation be tweaked so for instance they dont swap hues when they turn on?

What do you think?

Are you using the original Milight Hub’s or the self build version?

I never seen this behavior with my 38 bulbs and total 6 groups

Never seen that behaviour either. How are you turning them on? Do you use a scene for instance? I set brightness and colour as part of an automation when I turn them on… (The automation is like a failsafe cos sometimes one bulb won’t turn on so an automation repeats the command a few times)

I didn’t expect i’d get a reply so fast. Nice, thanks!

I’ve got 3 groups of 2 lights and 1 group of 4.

I’m using the original hub, v5 i think, beige with brown sticker. So limited to 4 groups. I made a self build version about 9 months ago but i never fully integrated it i remember i was doing some tests and for me, my self build wasn’t as reliable so i thought i’d pause and come back to it, maybe need a bigger antenna? I remember 1 of my 4 light group would not come on reliably at all whereas with the original box it would…

So in this case for example, from where i’m sitting now, my 2 light dining group were on warm white. I just told alexa, via nabu casa to my hass 144.4 rpi3 to turn off dining, they went off. Then i told her to turn them back on again and they come on and immediately switch to day white. Whatever my lights were on, they swap when they come back on, every time.

If i now pickup my ipad and turn that group off and on they go off and on but stay the hue they were set to.

That tells me that hass could be sending like a double on? which toggles them?

Every now and then pretty regularly a random number of my 4 light group will just decide to be out of sync with the others.

So my house is a bit of a disco of hues back and forth between warm and day. They work reliably they just swap all the time. Is there a way to maybe tweak it to be sure it only sends 1 command? As my ipad works pretty much flawlessly with them.

Thank you.

This is my config:

platform: limitlessled
- host:
version: 5
port: 8899
- number: 1
type: white
name: Door
- number: 2
type: white
name: Den
- number: 3
type: white
name: Dining
- number: 4
type: white
name: Lounge

Ok but do you have a script/automation or scene that might be setting the warmth when they turn on?

Nope, no scripts. I’ve been running 0.75 until recently when it blew up, and i thought that might be it.

Today i setup a fresh 114.4 on a fresh sd card card just cut and paste that config from my old yaml to this one.

I just turned it off and on via my lovelace control panel and it does the same thing, toggles the colour. I could send a vid? :slight_smile:

So here’s the video.

In the video i toggle on from lovelace panel.
It comes on day white.
I click off, off.
I click on, it comes on day white but then immediately switches to warm white.
(video quality isn’t great but you should be able to notice the hue change at the end.)

It always goes to whatever the opposite is.

If i turn on and off via ipad it does not do this.

Maybe strange question. Do you have Circadian Lighting Add-On installed?

Not unless it’s enabled by default. I don’t know what that is.
When i switched from 0.75 to 0.114.4
I swapped the sd card, plugged in ethernet, setup user, detected xiaomi, detected wemo, cut paste limitlessled yaml section, cut paste automations yaml. Corrected some names in the automation yaml.

And that’s it. So the hue switching is happening out of the box like it was on 0.75.

So you guys are telling me you have downlights also and they don’t do this? So weird.

I might be able to get my self build version going again and sniff the packets to see if it’s sending doubles. Which i’m guessing is what’s happening. As double on, is the command to toggle hue.

Maybe it’s sending on three times in a row when sending on?

Again only from hass and not from ipad.

Although i’ve never used them before i might be able to set up a helper? to record the current state of the hue and then toggle and update the helper?

What does your automation do? See I am sure you have a script/scene or automation causing this behaviour…

I have 3 groups of downlights and they do not do this…

What happens if you remove scripts ad automations and restart HA if you just switch the light on. Does it do it then?

Well, i feel a little silly for putting up with it for 1.5years now… :slight_smile:
All i wanted was switch reliability so i just left it.

Here is my whole deal. The only limitlessled part is the config i pasted earlier.

I wont spam you with empty screenshots of the other sections but the other three just all say:

“We couldn’t find any editable scripts”
“We couldn’t find any editable scenes”
“Looks like you don’t have any helpers yet!”

Nodered installed???

Can you control these lights with Zigbee Node-Red? I thought it was all proprietary?
Nope not installed i’m afraid.
I appreciate the assistance so you know i’m not messing with you here are side by side example vids of ipad vs hass.

In this example they start out of sync.
ipad has foreground warm and far day white. Toggle keeps it that way in ipad.
In hass example foreground and day swap when toggled via nabu casa via alexa.

I did it by voice in the vid so i didn’t have to muck around with recording but it’s the same in lovelace without alexa.

Could it be i have an old unit?
FW pic attached.

I don’t think so…