Limitlessled Strips (LS1 / LS2)

Not as sexy as it sounds i’m afraid! I’ve setup standard milight bulbs within Hass without issue but i’ve added some led strips to our kitchen cabinets and can’t work out how to add them (or if it’s even possible).

I suppose the first question is, does the current component support LED strips (i’m using the new LS2 controller which might be the problem?

If not where is the best place to start for adding support? I can do a bit of python so happy to try and get my hands dirty.

I can control them from the milight app fine, it is the very last remote you can select and has up to 8 zones rather than 4. A quick look through the documentation on doesn’t show anything specific to the led strips but it’s not the easiest to deciper anyway.

Any help/advice appreciated.

Having dug around a bit more it appears the LS1 & LS2 LED controllers use a different protocol, this a good thread on it for anyone else running into this issue (it doesn’t resolve the issue but does point to a solution down the line);