LimitlessLED: Support 8 Zones

I just started with HA and I’m quite happy with it.
I’m missing the possibility to control my milight setup which uses the 8 zone wall switches with the ibox2 (v6).
I can use these when adding them to a homebridge setup. In their milight plattform they support the new 8 zone remote FUT089.

Is there any way to get this support also in the limitlessled plattform in HA?

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I recommend MQTT custom implementation which is superior in almost all areas when compared to native ibox.

But I already gut the ibox and it is working already. I can use it with homebridge quite well.
I want to transition from homebridge to homeassistant and ha does not support the eight group mode.


Why do you need support for the 8 zone wall switch in HA, anyway?

If you want to keep the 8 zone (physical) wall switch in sync when using either HA or physical device then it ain’t gonna happen with the official ibox component. You need a gateway capable of both sending and receiving and the gateway from the link I posted does that.

In fact, while the Philips Hue is the best option (bar the price), MiLight with the unofficial MQTT gateway (which is way better than the ibox) gets pretty damn close:

  • MiLight bulbs are 1/5 or 1/6 of the prices of the Hue at 1,100 LM (vs. 800 LM for the regular E27, non-bluetooth Hues);
  • Each MiLight bulb can be paired with up to 4 different remotes (either physical or virtual); this helps in case of power outages as there is no need for a gateway (or even HA) to be online; bulb (or led strip controller) is paired with the remote (either wall mounted or hand held);
  • ESPMH in the link posted above can emulate a virtually unlimited (for the home use it would appear so) number of official ibox devices while reaching near perfect HA integration (official ibox won’t be able to match this as it cannot sync remotes).

hi i have a fut089z remote controller all works fine exept for color change:
when i change the color on the wheel home assistant dont reload the change( the on/off toggle and saturation are ok)

How did you manage to use it?

I just only get 2 entities, if I pair it with ZHA



How do you use it?
Which Gateway do you use, how did you integrate it into HA? (Zigbee2mqtt or zha)