LimitlessLED Wifi Bridge v7 support

I see an upcoming LimitlessLED Wifi Bridge v7.0 mentioned on their webpage

Coming Soon – 2017 (backwards app compatible with both v5 and v6, unlimited zones, offline scheduled timers, RGBW v5 commands mapping to any DualWhite, RGBW, or RGBW/WW/CW bulbs)

Can home-assistant collaborate with LimitlessLED for as soon as it is released it works for home-assistant? With this whole wifi bridge v6 thing not working on home-assistant yet, maybe we could be more proactive with adding support for v7 ahead of time. I wonder if home-assistant could support the new commands for offline scheduling and working with the new RGBW/WW/CW bulbs without that silly slow Wifi Bridge Session thing that v6 has by using the RGBW mapping. what do you guys think?


I second that.

I do as well, but find that it’s more important to implement v6 support before starting on the v7.
Nonetheless having v7 support before the v7 box is available would be nice.

Having the V7 supported (which is backward compatible) makes for less work.

That makes sense. Then it would be more logical to implement V7, if it will result in V6 support (via backward compatibility).

Yes! Would love for this to work. I just received my V6 version of the bridge thinking it would be the setup the same as V5.

I don’t think LimitlessLED knows how the V7 bridge will work just yet, since it seems like they are just reselling the Milight/easybulbs.

Fairly sure it’s the other way round - LimitlessLED is the developer and has contracted a manufacturing and reselling deal.

Hamish is fairly responsive so a simple email enquiry might provide all the info needed for the component.

I would love to see support for v7 (and in that way hopefully also v6) too.

I have the RGB + CCT 12W downlight and the corresponding remote, but missed the release of the V6 bridge, I’m installing 20+ of these when my parents complete their house’s renovation (together with a server running home-assistant) So I’d love for the v7 to be supported! Keeping an eye on this one :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what bridge this is going to be, its advertised as supporting and I quote “Millions” of LED lights…

I’ve ordered one, its on slow cheap delivery so I’ll report back when it arrives

that sites advertising is lying to you. its not millions of anything. thats just a standard v6 bridge. its not millions of colors because it is 100 saturation x 255 colors = 25500 colors. see v6 api. Be careful who you buy off, they seem to false advertise. and that site you bought off is nearly twice as expensive as LimitlessLED has the wifi bridge v6.

With shipping cost and converted to my currency the cost is only $4 more expensive. As i bought the bulb version. :smiley:

My point was actually about the color technology, there is no such bridge that has Millions of colors, its probably the wrong bridge.

Was just checking the Limitless site to see if the new v7 bridge is out yet and noticed “two way statefullness” which is kind of exciting, I don’t think it will be at the bulb level but even bridge level is nice. Changes to state made by phone apps etc would now be reflected in Hass if this is correct.

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Two way statefullness isn’t possible without the bulbs being changed. So he’s just planning on keeping the state in the hub itself.

Which is awesome, because all the lamps will still be supported (only changes to the bridge will be made), and we will be able to use the milight/limitlessled remotes and apps parallel with Home-Assistant.

In the meantime the v6 bridge and the RGBWW lamps support is merged with the component by happyleavesaoc, so it shouldn’t be long before support is added in HA. :slight_smile:

that would be awesome, already have all house equipped with mi-lights bulbs and rf remotes for each room.

Its annoying everytime I need to restart HA the lights turn off or flash if they were already off.
Also if HA is running and I turn on the lights with the remote or Milight app the brightness is on minimum, for me is not as big deal but for the ladies in the house… :sweat_smile:

@Sthope I can sympathise with you, I have the exact same issue as you have described, like you say its not a big deal, however I get a lot of grief from the woman of the house!!

I’ve invested in the RFLink, although I’m not sure this is fully integrated into HASS yet as I am really struggling to get it working. :confused:

From what I have read the RFLink can intercept signals from the Milight remotes, it can detect state change which can then be fed back into HASS (hopefully) and emulate an unlimited amount of Milight bridges. Obviously if I can get this working could be a game changer and the answer to the woman’s request for change. It may also stop the odd comment such as “It’s like living in a pre-alpha house” or “when are you going to fix these F****** lights” or " The F******* lights have gone off again!!!" :sigh:

Watch this space :slight_smile:


I’m also eager to try this:

hopefully this also provides state consistency (so no need for reinitialisation in HA)

I dislike the remotes anyway (maybe except for the new ones: and (FUT website is offline for me atm))
But admittedly it would be cool to use them in parallel, please keep us updated on the RFLink’s capabilities :+1:

“So much money wasted and doesn’t even work properly”

I ordered a ESP8266 and a nRF24l01+, already received the nodemcu and this next week should receive the nRF24I01 to see if I can pair all my white, rgbww and rgbcw bulbs with HA.

Also ordered a milight 8w rgbww rgbcw, lets hope everything comes along together