Lingan swa1


does anybody know if the Lingan SWA1 switch is working? and how?

Thanks in advance.

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No idea, I have bought one so let’s see. They seem to work with Alexa

and I found this:

I have received this Wifi plug. It’s not recognized by HA, which is not a surpize. So I flash the firmware which works very nice actually. I still need to connect it to HA but since it’s now running Tasmota firmware that shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi, have you been able to flash the tasmota firmware without opening the plug itself?

There is a description how to get it to work in the link I posted before.

I was hoping for something that didn’t require me to open the plug and flash it using GPIO pins. I’ve never done that and don’t have the required hardware (to be honest I have no idea WHAT is the required hardware)

There is no way of flashing new firmware without opening the plug. What’s needed is described in the link but if you’re not comfortable in opening the plug better leave it and buy one which is supported out of the box.

Recommended WiFi plugs that are supported by HA out of the box?

FYI I have a similar socket (though branded Houzetek) and I managed to sync it with Tuya which is now natively supported by HA. No soldering / reflashing needed :slight_smile:
Just thought of letting you know…