Link switches to Thermostat climate control via HomeKit integration

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Is it possible to add an option in HomeKit Controller to link the climate switches (such as hot water control and Eco control) to the thermostat? In HomeKit, this is where the climate device is made up of multiple accessories. Homebridge manages to do this, so it must be possible! :slight_smile:

Here’s some background to my request. As the HA Nest integration doesn’t support my Nest Protects or give me Thermostat hot water control (I live in the UK), as it uses the Google Nest SDM API, I have been playing around with Homebridge (using homebridge-nest) in order to get the devices into HA and Homekit.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. use the HomeKit Controller to pair with HomeBridge, and then pair the Apple Home app to the HomeKit integration. [Homebridge → HA → Homekit] OR
  2. pair HomeBridge to the Apple Home app and use HomeKit Controller to bring the HomeKit devices back into HA [Homebridge → Homekit → HA]

I’d rather get everything into HA and then export to Homekit, but i’m not getting such a good experience in the Home app when doing this. I’m seeing different accessory linking behaviour depending on how I pair the devices. If I use option 2 (import from Homekit) I see a Thermostat accessory which consists of 3 accessories: Eco Mode switch, Hot Water switch and the Thermostat itself. This is great, as I can view them all within one accessory or show as separate tiles.

If I instead use option 1 (export to Homekit), it shows them as separate accessories, so a thermostat control plus two separate switches. I can’t see an option in the HomeKit integration to link them, as there is with batteries for example. Can this please be added? Something like this would be good:

        linked_entity: switch.living_room_thermostat_eco_mode
        linked_entity: switch.living_room_thermostat_hot_water_control

Also, I’d like to remove the arm Night mode of my alarm system, as it doesn’t have one. Could an option be added such as:

            arm_modes: arm_home, arm_away, off