Link to jpg on local drive rPi when connected via Nabu Casa Cloud

Hi all

I have a paid subscription to Nabu Casa with cloud access enabled.

I have a camera that takes a snapshot when my doorbell is presssed.
To code this function I used existing blueprint
“Send a notification with camera snapshot when motion is detected with blocking state and URL (or lovelace view) on click”

The code stores a jpg on my rpi. At the same moment I receive a notification on my Android phone. In the popup message on my phone I see a small preview of the jpg, so information is send from rpi to phone.

When I open the notification on my mobile phone, a Chrome browser opens and I can see it tries to access a local address (192.168….) This address can perfectly be viewed when I am in my local adrress. When I’m away from home, the address is not accessible, so basically I cannot see who pressed my doorbell.

I found the problem.
In the blueprint I had to replace the local address (192.168…) for an address that accesses my rpi via nabucasa. So something like: https://ftcwq…

Problem solved.

Grtz Jules

What does that?
Show us the code, please.

The topic’s title is “Trigger based on brightness”. How is that related to what was described and requested in the first post?


Sorry, I updated the title.

found the problem myself. Thanks anyway!