Link2home support or other RGB CCT LED Strips with Music Sync?

Hey all,

On my quest to find an LED Strip that suits my use-case I’ve stumbled across the Link2Home range.

The criteria I have for the strips is as follows:


  • Have RGBWW/RGB CCT so that whites look white and not yellow/blue
  • Be controlled by HA


  • Support audio sync (disco mode)

The closest I’ve got to this so far is the Govee Alexa strip however the LED’s are really far apart and the colour quality is… lacking.

Obviously I could go down the GELDOPTO route (and I’m running those successfully in one of the kid’s bedrooms), but they don’t have the music sync support.

Given that the Link2Home strip seems to cover all of my requirements, I’d love to know if anyone else has this up and running with Home Assistant or at least if there are alternatives I could consider?

I’ve already emailed the Link2Home team, about the availability of an API etc, hopefully I’ll get a positive response!

Any response from Link2Home? An integration would be fantastic as they offer a load of different products.

Nope, not a sausage, sorry :frowning:

I’ve just bought some zigbee link2home garden lights, and they worked right out of the box . Just added via zigbee