LINKIND WiFi bulb support?

I picked up some of the Linkind Smart WiFi RGBW Light Bulbs. I was hoping to get them to work with HA but so far I have had no luck. I have them on my WiFi network and they work fine with the Linkind app on my phone but I don’t see an integration with HA. I saw a video from Paul about " RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP Philips Hue Alternatives". He didn’t mention how he was controlling them but he mentioned hubitat and some other methods. I assumed (I know bad idea) that they would work with HA since it is the best thing since sliced bread. Does anyone have a way to get these to work with HA yet?


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I saw that video few days ago, but I think Paul was using Zigbee linkind bulb not the WiFi linkind ones!!
He even recommended to connect via Philips hub which is a zigbee.

Didn’t find the zigbee color version on amazon USA though— only white.

The color ones he was using were WiFi. He mentioned that they don’t have Zigbee color ones yet. I just was hoping they worked with HA.

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You are absolutely right! i missed that part.
i have those WiFi RGB bulbs as well – it would be great if Linkind would be integrated in HA.

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Any update on this?


I have found nothing so far. I guess it’s time to return them and keep trying to find some WiFi bulbs that actually work with HA.

Yeah, and Customer Service is HORRIBLE… one bulb (that I didn’t rip apart) was bricked in the box, and they send multiple emails with each individual step… then tell you to send them pictures and screen shots of everything

I hate that you had a bad customer service experience with them. I just had a couple of emails back and forth and then I got an RMA number to send them back.

This bulbs are great and can be easily flashed with tasmota using tuya Convert.

Any update on this? I just got 4 of the linkind bulbs and I have liked them so far… but they do not work with HA. Is there a way to “ask” for an integration or something like that?

Hey! I’ve registered on this forum just to let you know that I was able to make it work!
And it’s pretty easy actually.
All you need to do is to RESET the bulb, as it’s by default connected to the LINKIND controller. In order to reset any smart bulb, you need to quickly turn it on and off 20 times.
After that, I was able to connect it to my Sonoff zigbee dongle.

Hi. Thanks for your reply… But you’re talking about the zigbee bulbs, right? We need help with the wifi bulbs…

These Wiz bulbs worked right out of the box with Home Assistant. No hub needed.

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