LINKIND WiFi bulb support?

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I picked up some of the Linkind Smart WiFi RGBW Light Bulbs. I was hoping to get them to work with HA but so far I have had no luck. I have them on my WiFi network and they work fine with the Linkind app on my phone but I don’t see an integration with HA. I saw a video from Paul about " RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP Philips Hue Alternatives". He didn’t mention how he was controlling them but he mentioned hubitat and some other methods. I assumed (I know bad idea) that they would work with HA since it is the best thing since sliced bread. Does anyone have a way to get these to work with HA yet?


I saw that video few days ago, but I think Paul was using Zigbee linkind bulb not the WiFi linkind ones!!
He even recommended to connect via Philips hub which is a zigbee.

Didn’t find the zigbee color version on amazon USA though— only white.

The color ones he was using were WiFi. He mentioned that they don’t have Zigbee color ones yet. I just was hoping they worked with HA.

You are absolutely right! i missed that part.
i have those WiFi RGB bulbs as well – it would be great if Linkind would be integrated in HA.

Any update on this?

I have found nothing so far. I guess it’s time to return them and keep trying to find some WiFi bulbs that actually work with HA.

Yeah, and Customer Service is HORRIBLE… one bulb (that I didn’t rip apart) was bricked in the box, and they send multiple emails with each individual step… then tell you to send them pictures and screen shots of everything

I hate that you had a bad customer service experience with them. I just had a couple of emails back and forth and then I got an RMA number to send them back.

This bulbs are great and can be easily flashed with tasmota using tuya Convert.