Linkind zigbee alarm starter pack

Hi, I’ve been able to connect to the Siren and command it! but I did not understand how I can deactivate the linkind services and make the siren work with my home wifi. could you help me?
attached the image of what I can see once connected to the siren.

Sorry for the late reply. I cannot really help with the full answer, because I don’t have access at the moment to the Hub to guide you through.

You should find the menu, where it lists the installed and running services. You need to disable the Linkind ones. Unfortunately, as I don’t have access to the Hub, I cannot give a full list.

But these are as I can read from this Github repo:

  • device
  • eagent
  • lagent
  • lds-keyring
  • ota
  • security
  • smart
  • subdevice
  • zipgateway
  • zware

To join your Wifi network, you need to bring up the Wifi settings, turn on the Wifi connection and connect the device to your local Wifi network, save the settings and then disable the Linkind AP.

Here is a generic OpenWRT instruction how to connect to Wifi networks:

Once you connected it to your Wifi network, check connection to other device with ping, etc. Then disable the AP. Save settings and then restart a few times. If you did it correctly all 3 LED lights should be green and you should be able to access the Hub from your network, and the AP will not be active anymore.
If the Wifi fails to work, then just power cycle, if it is still not working after, then reset the Hub and do it again. I struggled a bit until I managed to connect it to the my Wifi.

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:
I’ve been able to find the list of services (going to the web interface, cliccking on system and selecting startup) and disabled the Linkind services (I hope so, but in any case at least the otap one is for sure disabled) then I tried to connect to my home network but I’m unable to do it, in the menu wifi I didn’t find the network and when I click on scan it give me back a blank page.
Do you know what I’m doing wrong in trying to connect the siren to my home wifi?

Edit the Client (Leedarson) add there your WiFi setting.

As I can remember the Hub can connect only to 2.4GHz WiFi networks. So if your Home WiFi is 5GHz one only, then you will have no luck.

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It works perfectly :slight_smile: Now I’ve just to understand how to command the siren from home assistant. Thanks for your help!

I hope this going to help enough!

Can someone please explain this in laymans terms Linkind ZS130000078 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

I’m new to home assistant and I don’t know what it means by payload etc. I have got it linked in Z2mqtt, but I obviously have the error it mentions in the general section, so I need to do the initialize after parting, but I don’t understand it…


I honestly can’t get this keypad working, I’ve been trying for several hours but the instructions on Zigbee2mqtt website make no sense, nothing is in plain, step by step English. It’s all assumptions that you know what you are doing.

Focusing on the keypad only, not the siren everyone is talking about in this thread - how do you send payloads and what do I do to get it configured correctly?

Tried this following the terrible instructions and it doesn’t do jack

Maybe you should start first with reading this:

Why do you post a question and a few hours later you do post the same question again, in a topic where people not actually talking about your problem, but you are assuming that someone will reply, because they have to, instead you would spend a bit more time and do some more searching and reading???

What do you assume from us? Without really knowing what you were doing with your device, we will tell you where things went wrong for you?

If you would have done a bit more search or just read the whole topic, you would have see my previous answer above:

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I gave your post a like, as you make fair comments. Apologies, I was very frustrated, but you are correct.

You may try to send the MQTT topic without the leading “/” - The documentation says:

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Thank you. I’ve tried without the / and it still doesn’t successfully send the payload to properly initialize it.

I’ve added some scripts you can put on the Siren Hub in the comment here that turn it into a Wifi MQTT connected siren that shows up automatically in HA through MQTT discovery: Linkind Siren Hub · Discussion #796 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub
This doesn’t use any of the “hub” features, it just makes it a basic Wifi-connected Siren.
Just make sure you disable all of the auto-update features before you connect it to the internet for the first time.


Does the Linkind Alarm Keypad expose the alarm code that has been entered?

I’ve checked the documentation on Z2M but I not getting a clear answer. May be it’s phrased in a way I’m missing?

Looking to bring this Keypad into Alarmo and have unique alarm codes per user.

Yes, it does. The MQTT message published has the typed code, that’s how the blueprint and any automation is working with it.

The codes are not stored in the device. HA reacts on the published MQTT message.

It will be in sensor.keypad_action_code or the related attribute Action code as I remember.

Anyone here knows an address where to buy this? I cannot find anything on Aliexpress, Amazon or other (international) sites. Preferable my country (netherlands) or else in Europe. Thanks!

They were being sold on eBay UK. But stock looks limited.

There is a very good tutorial that goes exactly though what you need to do to get the siren connected to your wifi and disable services here if it helps anyone:

EDIT: I have followed the tutorial and managed to do everything apart from getting it to connect to the MQTT Broker. I am not sure the IP / credentials I should be using, I tried the IP of HA plus the L/P for the MQTT user but this did not work :frowning:

EDIT2: Correction I can see the Siren connecting in the MQTT Broker Log when using the HA IP address, but it does not appear as a device within the MQTT Integration. Does anyone know what I am missing with this step? Forgive my ignorance.