Zigbee2MQTT - Sync Keypad and Alarm Control Panel States

Wasn’t there so I created it and the blueprint is now available, haven’t got it working exactly as I wanted but at least I now have something to work with.

Many thanks for helping me out :+1:
And obviously many thanks to @AndrejDelany for the blueprint :+1:

Is there any way to extend this Blueprint to support additional usage of codes - i.e. 8888 = turn off the lights, 7777 = open my garage door

I love this idea! Will have a look into it, but don’t expect it to happen right now as I’m on vacation.

Thanks - Enjoy!


unfortunately the import button seems to be broken.
I can’t import as the link doesn’t point to a valid YAML file.
My I kindly ask the author to fix this? Or provide a link to github or similar?



@semtex as the developer is sharing his code you can easily grab it and create your own thankfully. Just Create copy it in .yaml (whatever his name) and place it in /config/blueprint/automation . Then reload your yaml config in Development tools, it should appears in your Blueprints .
@AndrejDelany A big thanks, now I can enjoy my Frient Keypad, it works like a charm :+1:

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Actually, I don’t know why the automatic import is not working anymore. I someone has I hint why, I will fix it.

Seems like the Import Bluetooth link refers to this page rather than point to actual page where the blueprint resides at. For example, when I try to import this blueprint, on the HA diaglog, the Blueprint address shows up as:


However, if I try to add another blueprint from here (for example, Pause Climate Entity…
Pause climate entity when window/ door open ), on the HA dialog the following address shows up:


So if you fix the link to point to actual page/site where the blueprint is hosted, it should work.

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I have now figured out what the problem is. Home Assistant can apparently only import the yaml code from this forum if there is only one code element in the first post. I have now marked the example code for the alarm panel as a quote rather than code. Now it works.

Just checking if you are still considering adding this feature… Thanks

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Hi, yes the same, for countdown I use the siren instead

Your requested feature has now been added :slight_smile:
I always appreciate feedback after you have tested it.

Just tried this and works great, but if you remove the action, the blueprint can’t be saved if its empty - “malformed” error message

Works for me :-/


Yes, you’re right, I was not using the delete button, just removing the action

Hello! I wanted to point out that starting from the latest version of Home Assistant, the invocation service mqtt.publish has been changed.
The definition has changed from:

    service: mqtt.publish

to this:

    service: mqtt.publish

Where the data_template entry has been simplified to just data.
The automation of the blueprint gives an error on the mqtt_publish service, and changing this will resolve the issue.

See: Automation Exemple

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Yes, you are right. I updated the blueprint accordingly.

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Has anyone used the Linkind ZS130000078 keypad with rechargeable 3.7V rechargeable batteries type 16340 and can tell, if they work as replacement for the CR123A batteries?

Thank you for this blueprint. Is there a way to use different pin codes?
I use a keypad with a rfid sensor. Each rfid tag returns a different pin code through zigbee2mqtt (for example +2FA9ED04). Each member of the family has a different tag and of course a different pin code. I can add each of them in alarmo but the blueprint only works with the main pin code.
I’ve looked a little bit at your blueprint but there is only one “pin:” option and of course I can’t duplicate it. I’ve tried to put several pin codes separated with a, or a ; but it won’t work.

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Thanks - unfortunately I will have to wait till next week to test it out.