Linking Broadlink Remote through HA to Siri

Hi All,
This is my first post to this forum - and I’m very new to HA as well so please excuse my ignorance about all things HA.
I’ll explain what I have set up so far and what my issue is
I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 4 that is running HA. I’ve bought a Broadlink RM pro 4 and have got the integration into HA working. I’ve trained the Broadlink with the commands for my blinds by using the “Learn” function in the call service process. I’ve also developed a couple of scripts that open and close my blinds at certain times - these work fine so I know the integration and linkage is working.
When I trained the remote there were 18 different commands - up down and stop for each of 5 blinds and a “catch all” up down and stop. All of these worked as I tested them.
I have also got home bridge integration working (as I have Tuya switches and needed this to get access to the entities and devices). This was done before I purchased the Broadlink device.
I’ve also got apple home working with the scripts - by this I mean I can use my iPhone HA app and operate the scripts - BUT I can’t see the indiviual blind commands - it can’t show them for some reason.
I also can’t use Siri to activate the scripts or send commands to the individual blinds. It says “I can’t see this in your home”
I’m guessing I’m missing a link step somewhere - but I can’t work it out. I’d like to be able to see the devices/ entities that are the 18 commands I’ve trained - within Home then I guess I can get siri to recognise them.
I’ve also tried the direct link from the Broadlink device (you can link it to Siri directly apparently ) - but I’ve tried that also and even though I followed the instructions and set up the voice commands - it doesn’t work. Can anyone offer me any advice on this ?

Also as an aside I’ve got Siri working with the other devices on my HA - for example I can ask Siri to turn on the coffee machine and that works fine - it’s just the operations of the blinds through the broadlink device.
Thanks in advance