Linking created Input Select with device Sensor state Attributes

I am wondering if it is possible to control a Devices state Attribute with a own created Input Select and vise versa.

Would like to create a separate “switch” / Input Select what i can place separate from the default Climate Card.

Example: My Airco has a Swing mode, that is default in the Climate Card and has the options:
“swing_modes: Auto, Up, UpMid, Mid, DownMid, Down”

I want to create a Input Selector with the options:
“swing_modes: Auto, Bovenste, BovenMidden, Midden, OnderMid, Onderste”

As a stand alone input selector/card.

Now my question, can I make it, for example, that if I select the option “Mid” my own input select changes also to “Midden” and when I select it in my own Input select as “Midden” the default option (and devices) changes his to “Mid” as well and the devices uses his “Mid” swing mode.

Is this possible, and how do i make this? (with automation, template or something else?)

Sorry if it is a bit bad explanation/English

Any one? :see_no_evil: