Linking switch to Light (Zwave to Zigbee bridge)


I have a zigbee light fixture (Immax Neo) and a zwave wall switch (Fibaro Walli Switch) and I want to control the light with this switch

(No I am not willing to replace zwave switch to any other zigbee device … most of my network is zwave its only this one light that is zigbee dimmable …)

My ultimate goal is to fully control the light via this switch but at first i just want it to be on/off capable.

Currently I have both devices in hassio, one identified as switch and one identified as light
light is exported to homekit

I was able to create 2 automations with triger of switch.on → light.on and → but this is not nice as it takes 2 automations and it does not reflect the switch state when i switch off the light via homekit

I am trying to figure out how to create one automation that would do all.
I am new to the automation so I was reading about triggers and trigger template data but i am unable to find the actual state of the switch to send to light.

My second goal is to dim the light with long press of a button (the switch itself has 2 buttons, up/down, and it sends zwave central_scene events when long pressed)

I tried using loop in automation to dim the light but the result was endless loop of dimming and I needed to restart hassio … so I guess loop is not the way …

Any ideas?