Linking Together Switches

The previous owner of my house went crazy installing switches for almost EVERY bulb in the house. Is there a cheap and wireless way to connect a group of switches together? For cost savings, they don’t even have to be smart switches.

My house is similar
3u wall box controlling 3 lights for same area.

I connected all 3 lights to a single wifi switch. left other 2 switch in place for cosmetic but they have no function.
did this pretty much throughout house.

The automation way to do this would be to buy switch for each light.
create automation…if any switch in group.switches turn ON/OFF, all switch in group turn ON/OFF

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As a follow up, I bought a few Homeseer WD100+ switches then tied them all together using the z-wave central scene. This allows us to double tap up or double tap down to turn on/off all the lights. Really helpful!