Linking Viomi robot vacuums

Linking Viomi devices is complicated, It would be nice if it was easier. Home Assistant has a lot of devices you can link with a press of a button. What about Viomi Robot Vacuums? There is Roborock you can link via the manually adding devices menu. Also, Viomi and Roborock are owned by the same company, Xiaomi. (as I know) So yeah. If you make that easier, we (Xiaomi robot vacuum users) would be happy.

Well, you can link it using Xiomi Miio. But it could be better if there was a direct integration. Also, If you are going to use Xiaomi Miio, make sure you have the IP of the vacuum.

Hello @Efe! How were you able to use the main integration?

After a year or so with my vacuum gone from HA, I’m back again in this saga and wasn’t able to find the device model on the official Miio integration. Which model do you select instead of Viomi?
I even tried the manual config, entering IP and token, but in the end it complains the model wasn’t found and takes me back to the model selection list.

Also, I should note there’s already a bigger feature request on the same topic, and a long, old discussion @ GitHub which basically boils down to lack of interest from developers to make it work.