Add Support for vacuum STYJ02YM (miiocli protocol viomivacuum)

Right now the supported vacuums are the XIAOMI Vacuums but there are viomi ones that need a different protocol.

with the miiocli instead of miiocli vacuum you just say miiocli viomivacuum.

root@odroid:~# miiocli viomivacuum
Usage: miiocli viomivacuum [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --ip TEXT     [required]
  --token TEXT  [required]
  --help        Show this message and exit.

  add_timer              Not implemented yet.
  carpet_mode            Set the carpet mode.
  clean_mode             Set the cleaning mode.
  consumable_status      Return information about consumables.
  delete_map             Delete map.
  delete_timer           Not implemented yet.
  dnd_status             Returns do-not-disturb status.
  get_current_position   Return the current position.
  get_maps               Return map list.
  get_rooms              Return room ids and names.
  get_scheduled_cleanup  Not implemented yet.
  home                   Return to home.
  info                   Get miIO protocol information from the device.
  led                    Switch the button leds on or off.
  move                   Manual movement.
  pause                  Pause cleaning.
  raw_command            Send a raw command to the device.
  rename_map             Rename map.
  set_dnd                Set do-not-disturb.
  set_edge               Vacuum along edges.
  set_fan_speed          Set fanspeed [silent, standard, medium, turbo].
  set_language           Set the device's audio language.
  set_map                Change current map.
  set_remember_map       Set remember map state.
  set_repeat             Set or Unset repeat mode (Secondary cleanup).
  set_route_pattern      Set the mop route pattern.
  set_sound_volume       Switch the voice on or off.
  set_water_grade        Set water grade.
  start                  Start cleaning.
  start_with_room        Start cleaning specific rooms.
  status                 Retrieve properties.
  stop                   Validate that Stop cleaning.
  test_properties        Helper to test device properties.

I tested it with my vacuum and it works. But since my HA is in a docker container I can’t just exec scripts on my bash.

Is there a way to support that protocol and add this vacuum?