Linux Desktop Companion for Home Assistant

Hello everyone

I have hacked together a simple Mobile App Companion that you can run on your Linux Desktop to send sensor data to Home Assistant.

It is written in Go, so you can download the single binary from GitHub and run it on your machine.

It currently supports the following sensors:

  • CPU temperature
  • CPU usage
  • Load average
  • Memory usage
  • Uptime
  • Power stats
  • Online check
  • Audio volume
  • Webcam process count
  • Custom scripts

Please note, that I have only tested this setup on two of my machines. So it is possible that some sensors won’t work on your system. The companion was so far only tested on Ubuntu 20.04. In theory, the companion can be extended to support Mac and Windows as well.

If you have any inputs to the projects feel free to add issues on GitHub.

Repo: GitHub - tobias-kuendig/hacompanion: Daemon that sends local hardware information to Home Assistant
Downloads: Releases · tobias-kuendig/hacompanion · GitHub


Hi, I just installed this and it works well. Any way to add custom stuff: like control volume/reboot etc…?

Thank you, just installed this and it works really well and it’s very easy to add custom sensors!

Awesome work. The readme is great, systemd service works on the 2nd try. Such a smooth experience for a community project. I started using it on Archlinux where you can install it as an AUR package:

yay -S hacompanion

Thanks, Tobias Kündig!

Looks great and works great! Any plans to support actions like shutting down the PC, or controlling the volume?