List entity ID below entity name in Automation builder UI + bug

Hi, I have several auto generated entities that have the same name, but different entity ID’s… well same entity_id but numbered, I also have some old semi-redundant entities that i’m not ready to delete providing the same data via a different integration

when building automations in the UI its possible to find them easily because both the name and entity ID are visible, but once selected only the name is visible.

I think it would be useful to show both once selected in the same way its visible in the dropdown (its visible in the dropdown for a reason yeah?). I understand the push to clean up the interface, even more so in the next release, but there is value in knowing the ID not just the friendly name - as a hint to the type of entity etc.

this is also driven by the mobile app, especially noticeable when fixing/debugging automations on a mobile device, clicking on the entity to bring up the dropdown never shows the selected entity on the screen, just a list and you need to scroll up or down to find it (because its trying to display more than fits on the screen.

During writing of this I also noted a bug!
as per the screenshot below, i cant see or have a way to cross reference which plug this is from without clicking on the dropdown again

but when i click the dropdown it selects/highlights the first entity with that name, not the one i selected.
to replicate
I selected the uptime_sensor_3, it shows just the name once selected → switch to yaml, confirm its _3 selected, switch to visual → click the entity to bring up dropdown and the first entity with that name is selected/highlighted. click out of the dropdown without changing anything → switch to yaml, confirm its not _3 selected anymore!