List of dates how many times I was at a certain zone

It is possible to have a dynamic list of dates in my lovelace of which I was at a certain zone?
I use the HA android app and have created a zone, I want to summerize how many times I was there a month.


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How to ask a good question

Most likely yes, it is possible. But, you’ve asked a somewhat vague question… can you give more details about the parameters that need to be met?

Do you enter and exit the zone multiple times a day? If yes, should those count as only 1 “time” or multiple?
Do you need a count, a list of dates, a list of dates and times, etc?
How stable does the value need to be? Is it ok that it updates daily or do you need x number of month stored in a separate sensor?

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I enter and exit a certain zone multiple times a day, but it needs to save that date once (a day).
I’m looking for a list of dates and visualized/updated in a certain month. Not a count.

So for instance:

  • 5-5-2023
  • 5-23-2023
  • 5-27-2023


This gives me clarify how many times and which dates I went to the zone.

I hope you can help me in the right direction!

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