List of devices

Hi, I’m looking for a cheap… (switch, lightbulb, etc.)

I haven’t found one list but that would be the typical question here, right?

If there is one please point me to it, if there isn’t it would be nice to have a list with devices, prices and protocols for the new user to know what to buy first.

Hi pblgomez,

Welcome to the board. In short HomeAssistant is a piece of software that can tie several smart product together and control them depending on a set of rules (automations.)
As such homeassistant doesn’t have a set of devices to buy. The way to go would be to define what you want. For example a light. You can then choose for a zwave light, hue light, lightify. Once choosen you can lookup how to hook that up to home assistant…

Happy choosing !

I can see that, but wanting a switch I know there are millions.
So a list that we can sort by price, protocol, etc would be good.

Speaking for myself: I don’t think this is the right place to request such a thing. You mention there are millions. So there is no way here to keep track of that.
I think you need to do a lot of googling. Decide for yourself what you want. Check if there is support from HomeAssistant and take the dive…

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I don’t think anyone would have the time or interest to keep such a list up to date.

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There are many repos though that do contain part lists to get you started.

I have links to my gear that I have working with HaSS.

Hope it helps.

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nice, thank you.