List of most mature Solar inverter integrations


I’m preparing some solar panel implementation and obviously one of the decision point how good is the integration with HA :slight_smile:

Is there any list of current Solar Inverter integrations ranked by maturity? Or at least can you drop here some manufacturers / models which are definitely working well with HA?


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I can only tell you what I have experience with.

The SMA Solar integration works well with my Sunny Boy SB6.0-1AV-41. There are SMA inverters that do not work with this integration. See the documentation.

The SMA meter device (required for calculating house load and return to grid) is pretty inaccurate though. It is intended for large installations and can be up to 50% inaccurate on residential installations. They even acknowledge this, check out section 1.3 of this pdf:

Messgenau-UEN092520.pdf (261.0 KB)

The lower the load the higher the inaccuracy.

In practice I see +/-10% difference from my energy supplier’s meter with my 8kW PV array, and it is not a linear relationship I can calibrate out.

I’m removing the meter soon and replacing it with an IoTaWatt which I hope to be much more accurate.

I had trouble with intermittent inverter disconnections and reconnection (flapping) recently after an Inverter firmware update but another firmware update after this seems to have fixed it.

As quickly as solar is progressing, I’d go with the better inverters and push those companies for integration instead of what you are thinking.

We are building a house this year and solar is exciting me a lot. But, I don’t think older integrated inverters are better than newer inverters.