Listen on both http and https configuration


I’ve looked at HTTP - Home Assistant and I see that I can set up ssl_* options to enable https.

Is it possible to listen on two ports? One for plaintext (8123) and another one for https (ie. 8124) at the same time?

Yes. To do so don’t add the SSL cert to HA. Leave HA listening on http and set up a reverse proxy instead. Like the nginx addon in the official addons repo.

Then you can talk to HA directly using http and talk to HA using https via the reverse proxy.

Thanks for your reply.

Does that mean it’s not possible to listen on two ports with different configuration within the “http:” section of “/config/configuration.yaml”?

No it’s not. HA listens on one port and it will either be expecting SSL or not on that port. If you want both an SSL and a non SSL option, you need to use a reverse proxy

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That is not fully correct. I am using Nabu Casa, where HTTPS is a standard.
Apart from this I have HA port redirected on the router (default is 8123, but can be changed). This works over http.