Listen_state isn't firing


I am using AppDaemon 1.4 and hassio 0.76

For some reason self.listen_state(self.on_switch_changed, self.args[‘switch1’]) isn’t firing any more and there is no error in the log file.

Indeed this started happening when I upgrade to 0.75.2
switch1 is a Zwave switch

def on_switch_changed(self, entity, attribute, old, new, kwargs):

is my callback

Did something change in the API ?


please restart AD and show the logs from the start

Thanks Rene,

I believe it is the zwave switch not reporting the state correctly when triggered manually from the switch. If I do the same from HA it works…

Other issue I am having is HA Dashboard not always refreshing, some times I have to manually refresh it to get the new widget states.

Thanks again

dashboard not always correct and the need for manual refresh is mostly a problem from the tablet.

i got a few different dashboards and the older cheaper one has the same problem.
has to do with cashe and the tablet just needs to be restarted once in a while.