Listening to KNX scene

So, since the support of scenes in the KNX component I have been trying to trigger hass automations based on whenever a KNX scene is triggered outside of hass. This means that whenever I press my wall switch button (which trigger a KNX scene) in my KNX house, I want my hass scene/automation to be triggered as well.

I am not sure if this is supposed to work (bug) or if it should be issued as a feature request

@Julius2342 sorry for tagging you like this but do you have any idea whether or not the KNX scene implementation is supposed to detect KNX scenes triggered outside of hass?

No, the plan is to trigger KNX scenes via hass.

the other way round would be more like a sensor, like watching for the whole group address and depending on the value deciding what to do.

(at the moment there is no good way for watching for the integer value - but that would be trivial to implement.)

Ok, it sure would be good to have it, does xknx support it today?
Sure I could reconfigure my wall switches as on/off on an address and listen for that change and let hass “turn everything off”. Problem is that whenever I sell me house, the new owner will not run my hass.

Would you be in to implementing this or give pointers so I can do it?

May you add a feature request within xknx-github? (there are some feature requests atm, but we are progressing :slight_smile: )

Thanks, Done. :slight_smile: