Listening to zwave_js_value_notification

I went to Developer Tools>Events and tried to listen to zwave_js_value_notification. I get no results when toggling lights via the UI or at the wall.
Any thoughts on why this is?

I only see a data populated when I am using the scene control functions of my devices.

OK. so this method does not show all activity on the zwave network. I wonder why.
I am trying to figure out what the command class is for a dimmer device. I am striking out on multiple fronts, and was able to use Developer Tools in the past.

I was able to find the command classes in my zwave network dump.
The network dump is available from Configuration>Integrations, then choose ZWave JS>Configure.

My understanding is that Scene Controllers (and possibly other command classes) generate zwave_js_value_notification events, whereas switches and other things generate zwave_js_notification events.

There is a better description in: Z-Wave JS - Home Assistant