Lithe Audio - In Ceiling Speakers - AirPlay Support

Hey All,

I’m not sure if anyone’s heard of Lithe Audio. I’m planning on ordering some of these speakers to install in my home, but it’s not supported by Home Assistant yet. They do have an API, and it can be found in this link:

Lithe Audio:

I’m not sure how much it’s changed since it was posted, but i’ve reached out to Lithe Audio devs to see if they’ll send an updated version. I know an NDA has to be signed and I’m sure they want to make sure it won’t be sold anywhere else. Let me know if support can possibly be added. Crossing my fingers lol


Isn’t it using Linkplay board inside ? Do you have a picture of electronic board inside ?
Side note: your link is not for an API, just an app to control it. If they don’t publish publicly an API documentation it’s most of time a company you have to keep away of it ! If you have to sign an NDA to get it, forget it !

I definitely understand that. They have a new set of Pro speakers coming in April that’ll be powered by PoE++. I’m hoping they release the API as well for them. I’m asking about it now as I speak with someone in their development department.

Disregard the links. I read further and discovered it’s a driver for Control4 to control the Lithe speakers. I’ll see if I can get the API. If I can’t I’ll be using something else. I was just really hoping to stay away from having to buy a receiver/amp for these in-ceiling speakers.

I have worked with Lithe to make a video on their speakers. The API is under NDA. I’ve got a copy, just not a dev so can’t use it.

If someone out there has the skills then I can put you in touch with Amit from Lithe and we can get you a copy of it.

The speakers are great, and with a PoE version coming soon that’s a game changer! I imagine the API will be the same for both that and the wifi version (but what do I know)

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Yeah I heard about the PoE one that’s coming. It’s even more appealing for me at this point, but the only thing I’d have that’s not integrated into HA. I am curious to know what it takes to get it going…

Hi Ron,

Amit from Lithe Here. the Pro Series actually has GoogleCast built-in so the easiest way may be to use this integration

We do have the API also if you want to go down this route but prob best to wait to write this integration till when the Pro releases as will have additional features to the current wifi model and a new API.

Hey Amit,

Im definitely looking forward to it! Here’s my idea on the function that I was hoping to achieve through Home Assistant and you can tell me whether or not Cast can help with this or if the API would better fit:

I’m wanting to have several “rooms” set up around my soon-to-be-home.

First Room (Living Room, Dining and Kitchen - Open Floor Concept) - 6 speaker setup

Basement (Same open space as First Room) - 6 speaker setup

And a few other rooms in the house.

I’d like to use HA to play music by rooms/groups or altogether, and when I leaving my house to hit a button that’ll stop music everywhere and so on.

Can I do that with the Cast integration or should I wait for the updated API and try to create a separate integration?