Litile help with Yahoo Weather


i add the Yahoo Weather like this

platform: yweather
woeid: 23424852
forecast: 3

  • weather
  • temp_min
  • temp_max

but i do not get it nice like this…

what i miss?



When you want the sensors shown in a card, you should add the sensors first to a group. That group you set to ‘view: no’.
Then you add that group in the view where you want to see the card.

This is my setup (I use splitted files and the filename of the setup is: sensors\yweather_td.yaml):

platform: yweather
name: Weather Today
woeid: 726874
  - weather
  - weather_current
  - temp_min
  - temp_max
  - wind_speed
  - pressure
  - visibility
  - humidity
  - temperature

The hidden group where you put the sensors in (in my groups file: groups.yaml):

    name: Weather Today
    view: no
      - sensor.weather_today_condition
      - sensor.weather_today_current
      - sensor.weather_today_humidity
      - sensor.weather_today_pressure
      - sensor.weather_today_temperature
      - sensor.weather_today_temperature_max
      - sensor.weather_today_temperature_min
      - sensor.weather_today_visibility
      - sensor.weather_today_wind_speed

And finally the group where you want to see the card in (in my groups file: groups.yaml):

    name: Weather
    icon: mdi:weather-sunny
    view: yes
      - group.Yahoo_td

This should give you the view you want:

Thanks IoTmessenger.

When you say “sensors” i need sensors device at home?
the info not come from Yahoo only?


The sensors come from Yahoo, you can find the correct names under the ‘Developers Tools’, 2nd icon <> (states):

This gives you all states of all entities in Home Assistant (switches, lights, cameras, scripts etc).

Thanks, that ok if i will copy all of this onto the configuration.yaml ? without to split it?

sensors\yweather_td.yaml this is new folder name sensors under home assistant folder?
ans then new file name yweather_td.yaml?
also groups.yaml where this need to be?

Sorry for the stupid questions, I’m new with this,\


As you are probably just started with Home Assistant, did you already take time to read the Configuration part of the Getting Started Guide?

This will help you understand how to add extra stuff to your config and how to append it in the correct way for YAML.
The correct method also depends on your current configuration. If you already have sensors or groups defined etc.

Here you can find some troubleshooting tips:

It also helped me a lot checking other users config files, this makes it ‘come together’ more quickly.

Just start small and keep your config within one file. When it grows, you will soon find it useful/necessary to start splitting it up and start using folders and other files you need to include.

Yes, actually I’m new, but I already have some things work in my HA.

i just want to be sure i understand you, i read all ha site with the explanations, there are things I’m still learning…

i will still try to find how, Thanks for try to help me.


I also just started recently and with trial and error (lots of them), and needed a lot of searching the forums to get stuff in ‘the correct yaml way’.

When I read your question, I was fiddling with Yahoo Weather myself trying to get that card to show correct. I used that technique once before and was hoping I could help you by showing what I was working on.
That was actually my first post on the forum, which I had to edit many times.

When you are going to try to add my config parts, keep in mind that mine was configured for use with splitted files. Indentation could be different then you need to configure it for your situation.

Also, the name you set in the config part will be used in your sensor names as well. First add the config part (from ‘platform:…’) under the sensor part.

Then restart Home Assistant and check for the correct names of the created sensors.
Use those names for your ‘group:’ part of your config.

This will probably help you adding it the correct way:

yes but can you say if i unsedtand it correctly?

sensors\yweather_td.yaml this is new folder name sensors under home assistant folder?
ans then new file name yweather_td.yaml?
also groups.yaml where this need to be?

No. You only need folders and separate files when you are starting to split your configuration.yaml. As I tried to explain before, start with adding it to your current configuration.yaml and do not use splitting until you have learned your way around it and it becomes to big to handle.

HI, I was looking for the same issue I have with Yahoo weather and I found it in here. Note that pressure is not shown properly in mb (milibars), but apparently appears in inHg, even though unit_system is set as metric in configuration. Does somebody know how to set up it or convert it properly?.
In the pictures above can be seen 34439.59 mb of pressure, which is wrong. I have the similar result far from actual mb values.