Little problem integrating my watermeter


I could use some help, I tried the search and Google and did found something but I think I’m doing something wrong or misunderstood due language difference.

What do I want to achieve: My Rooted Eneco Toon Thermostat can now read water usage through a Wemos and a pulse counter and that works fine.
It also sends out a json formatted webpage to work with Domoticz so I’d like to get the same data to show in HA.

How does the file output look: shows a blak page with just this line: {“waterflow”:“0”,“waterquantity”:“2583”}

What did I try in sensors.yaml:

# waterflow van Wemos
- platform: file
  value_template: "{{ value_json.waterflow }}"
  unit_of_measurement: "L"
- platform: file
  value_template: "{{ value_json.waterquantity }}"
  unit_of_measurement: "M3"

On check config I get this:

Invalid config for [sensor.file]: not a file for dictionary value @ data[‘file_path’]. Got ‘’. (See ?, line ?).
Invalid config for [sensor.file]: not a file for dictionary value @ data[‘file_path’]. Got ‘’. (See ?, line ?).

And because of my lack of knowledge about most of this I’m now lost

Does someone need more details before I can get some help with this?

Well I found something and still need a bit help is possible.

I can get the meter value now though I need to split it because it reads “2295565 M3” instead I need to have the last 3 digits behind a , (comma) instead.

- platform: rest
  name: Watermeter
  value_template: "{{ value_json.waterquantity }}"
  unit_of_measurement: "M3"

source is like posted above:

Solved by changing this into value_template: “{{ value_json.waterquantity | float / 1000 }}”

Thanks for the help,. This was my second question left unanswered by this community.

For future reference, here is the first paragraph from this helpful set of guidelines:

This forum is not a helpdesk
The people here don’t work for Home Assistant, that’s an open source project. We are volunteering our free time to help others. Not all topics may get an answer, never mind one that helps you solve your problem.

fyi, I did read the docs did search on google and did ask what else someone needed from me to find a solution.

well im glad now someone can reply. Hope my thread helps someone else in the future

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I wasn’t referring to whatever research you may have done but to the fact you felt the need to report how many of your questions have been unanswered.

You are certainly free to keep reporting that count but the fact is questions can go unanswered. In fact, even Issues posted in the project’s GitHub repositories may never be answered.

It’s not ideal but, given that it’s all based on volunteers, that’s just the way it is.

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