Littlebit more focus on user experience (some tips)

I’m moving away from Domoticz to HA. HA is a great product by the way, but…
There are lots of things that are more focussed on people that are used to programming.

For example:

  • No blockly scripts, more coding to achieve goals (I really mis blockly)
  • To close a window you have to use the crossmark on the left instead of the right (like MS Windows, biggest population of users)
  • If you use a trigger, condition or action and you select te wrong one, you have to delete it first before you can select an other one
  • In the dashboard/overview, you have to use arrows to move cards, instead of hovering them over the dashboard
  • If you rename a device, you have to repair them again in the dasboard/overview
    And so on.

So again, great product (very happy with it), but (I find it) less user friendly than Domoticz.
Bottom line: More UX improvements/customer friendliness would be appreciated.
This is also the feedback that I get from family and friends why they are not moving to HA.