Livarno / Lidl ceiling lamp with module TS0504B not working correctly

Wondering if anyone has experience with a Lidl Zigbee lamp, it seems to use module TS0504B but I can’t set any color temperature, the RGB works, but quite dim, when I set the “normal” white color it can go very bright. Relatively new to all this so maybe there’s something I need to fix?
I’m using the sonoff ZBDongle-E, using ZHA.

Submit a new " Device support request" as an issue (including full Zigbee device signature, etc.) to the ZHA Device Handlers (a.k.a. zha-quirks) project on GitHub →

The reason why custom ZHA Device Handler (a.k.a. quirk) are needed to be written/coded for some devices is explained in ZHA docs →

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Thanks so much, I will try to do that tonight. Hopefully I can get all the data needed.

If feeling brave then also consider upgrading to the latest unofficial 7.1.x community firmware builds on ZBDongle-E to help everyone in the community testing new firmware with updated EZSP v9 interface.

Regardless be sure to also always follow these generic best practice guidelines which apply for all Zigbee Coordinator USB adapters regardless of Zigbee implementation in order to avoid issues with intermittent reception issues due to interference →

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Thank you so much for taking the time to give these useful tips to a new user.

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