Live camera on IOS not working while installed on Synology

Just migrated my Raspberry Pi install to my Synology. I display my Dahua camera via a ONVIF stream in my Lovelace dashboard. In the dashboard I see a live version of the stream via a picture glance card.

Previously on my Raspberry PI, the camera worked in both the browser and in the IOS app. However, after migrating to my Synology, the web version still displays the live version, but within the app, it doesn’t work anymore.

It display a still of the screen with a play logo. When you press it, it does start a live stream in a new window. When exiting, it shows a live version of the stream in the dashboard again.

Any ideas?

Never mind; found the issue… had my wifi connected to my Pi and my cellular to the Synology. Low power mode effects into the 4g version not started streaming.