Live dimming option

Hi There,

I’m testing a setup with ESPHOME module and all works fine. I have a PWM dimmable output that I can control with HA.
However, I would like to make it even better by making the intensity slider ‘real time’. I can see the dimming value change on the fly when I move the slider, but there is no data sent until I release my mousebutton.

Can someone please help me on the way to configure/program this feature?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s the same case for my lyfx bulbs, I can slider the slider around but untill I release it, no data gets sent.
I suspect it’s Home Assistant not ESPHome that is having that I effect.

Yes, this was also my conclusion.

But somehow it should be possible to send commands with regular interval (100 or 200ms) while dragging the mouse (finger) over the slider. this is already so with the attached % value

Also, for RGB lighting this would make the interface much more responsive for selecting the wright color.

I think colour selection did, well every 300ms odd.

hmmm, I’ll test that :yum:

Or maybe when you stop moving the colour picker…

Indeed, the RGB color picker does send data every xxx ms.
So I think this should also be possible with the intensity slider.

We’re almost there :crazy_face:

I don’t seem to find where this change should be made in the slider code :thinking:
Would some genius be willing to give me some pointers? Or even better, rewrite the code to fix this issue?


I would love this as well. :innocent: Do you know if there has been a feature request for this?

I created a Feature-Request.
Real-Time-Slider - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (

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