Live Feed Hardware Recommendations

My HA server is a HA Blue. I have WebRTC as well as 2 cameras integrated via the Reolink integration. Everything works perfectly. My issue is when I try to view them. I have a raspberry pi wired that I bumped the video memory up to 256 MB and a raspberry pi 3 wireless that I won’t even power up until I get the first one working. They both boot directly into chromium though the LXDE autostart file. The problem is that after 2 or 3 days the feed on the pi freezes. I can use VNC to instantly refresh and make it good again for a few more days but that’s annoying to have to keep doing that. I could use the browser mod and create an automation to auto refresh but for some reason it disconnects when I restart HA and won’t automatically reconnect. And I could just restart the pi but every few reboots and the pi forgets my HA login credentials which I don’t understand but is also annoying. So what should I do? What are the hardware recommendations for what I’m trying to do?